About LithoTech Engineers

LITHOTECH ENGINEERS was registered in the year 1993 as a SSI Unit and started the actual production in the year 1994.

From the very inception, the objective was to provide simple and cost effective solutions in the field of size reduction technology. We have been very innovative in our approach and are proud to claim that we have not sold just machines but provided optimum solutions. We have a very exhaustive experience of over two decades of providing machineries to process various products major being Spices, Ayurvedic Herbs Roots, Herbal products, Sugar for various applications such as confectionery, Bakery. Homeopathic medicines, Biscuit etc., Food colours, pharma, etc.

Presently our major focus is the spice industry which has not seen a major technological upgradation for the many years. Initially, we began with providing only grinding machinery however gradually we have developed and we now provide complete end to end turnkey solutions with complete automation.

We had started off very humbly with a small 700 Sq Ft. Unit in 1993 in Vasai but as of now, we have a 4000 sq Ft. Production unit in Vasai ( Suburbs of Mumbai)with a strong vendor base to cater to excess demand. Further, we have a sprawling 45000 Sq Ft. in Sitarganj ( Uttarakhand) which is in production since January 2011. Through this unit we have effectively executed very big projects and also we have been able to provide prompt services to our clients in north India.

In the food industry especially the spice sector there has been a special thrust on the quality standards being maintained the food processing industry. Various quality certification agencies have started providing their services as that assists the processor to easily market their product and also get a better price for the same. LITHOTECH ENGINEERS has been continuously working and developing on this front and ensured that our machineries fulfill all the quality norms set by the agencies. WE have provided customized cost effective automation and increased the overall productivity. And for us, it is an unending process.

To further develop the confidence of our clients we also have a trial demonstration facility where clients can test their material and verify the results before actually placing the order. Also, we have a few co-operative clients who allow our prospective clients to see the plant in running condition. This gives our clients more clarity about our machineries and also the processes.

We have supplied our equipments through out the world the major being, Bangladesh, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Tanzania, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Sudan, Nigeria, etc.

Our strength lies in our strong design expertise with vast experience to provide optimum solutions for your specific requirement in processing your products.

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